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Creating—and maintaining—a sense of dread in the audience takes priority, eliciting shock, fear, or disgust through atmosphere and frightening scenarios. Mood must be of equal or greater importance than setting and characterization in horror stories. Almost always, the main cast will be under constant threat of danger. Many stories can incorporate elements of horror as a plot device to unnerve the audience, but the overarching narrative must be focused on evoking and maintaining apprehension to be Horror. Contrast with Suspense where the audience craves to know what will happen next rather than fearing it.

Hongyue Start

Ch.116 November 18, 2023
Ch.115 November 15, 2023


Ch.069 November 16, 2023
Ch.068 November 16, 2023

Jungle Juice

Ch.104 November 16, 2023
Ch.103 November 8, 2023

Limit Breaker

Ch.109 November 14, 2023
Ch.108 November 9, 2023

Immortal Eye

Ch.069 November 13, 2023
Ch.068 November 13, 2023

Look-Alike Daughter

Ch.029 November 10, 2023
Ch.026 November 10, 2023

No Exit Horror

Ch.024 November 9, 2023
Ch.023 November 7, 2023

Glass Slippers

Ch.090 October 21, 2023
Ch.089 October 21, 2023

Perfect Victim

Ch.090 October 15, 2023
Ch.089 October 15, 2023

The Live (Ant Studios)

Ch.171 October 8, 2023
Ch.170 September 24, 2023

Ghost Gate

Ch.040 September 26, 2023
Ch.039 September 26, 2023

Virus Girlfriend

Ch.427 September 25, 2023
Ch.423 September 25, 2023