Slice of Life stories are focused on a seemingly random and mundane period of the main characters' lives. The absence of a central plot to carry the story towards a charted destination means Slice of Life stories frequently lack overarching conflict and resolution. While life is not without conflict and Slice of Life neither, here conflict appears and dissipates seemingly at will, without a specific narrative to enforce it. Slow story pacing or episodic storytelling does not equal Slice of Life. Drama/Romance stories can be slow and soft while maintaining a central plot of human/relationship struggle. Comedy stories may lack progress and have mundane settings, but they have narratives focused on eliciting laughter rather than amusing moments happening naturally. Thus, Slice of Life is incompatible with Comedy, Drama, and Romance by definition.

Peerless Dad

Ch.257 April 8, 2023
Ch.256 April 8, 2023
Ch.255 April 8, 2023

Girls of the Wild’s

Ch.264 January 8, 2023
Ch.263 January 8, 2023
Ch.262 January 8, 2023

I don’t want to be Empress!

Ch.130 January 8, 2023
Ch.129 January 8, 2023
Ch.128 January 8, 2023
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