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Imagined technological advancements or natural settings which are currently unreal in the present day but could be invented, caused, or explained by science in the future. The narrative of science fiction (Sci-Fi or SF) stories focuses on the societal or individual reprecussions caused by the imagined technology or natural phenomenon, and are frequently dystopian in nature. Sufficient world-building is required for a work to be Sci-Fi; an alien simply visiting from outer space and living on Earth with unusual powers would be Supernatural. Characters in Sci-Fi stories can have unnatural powers without a Fantasy/Supernatural tag, but there should be a plausible scientific reason for these powers described by the creator. A futuristic setting with impossible, unexplained powers (e.g. humans randomly evolved to control the weather via thought) would be Fantasy.

Rise From the Rubble

Ch.232 November 19, 2023
Ch.230 November 19, 2023


Ch.070 November 19, 2023
Ch.069 November 19, 2023

Swallowed Star

Ch.215 November 18, 2023
Ch.214 November 4, 2023

Super God Gene

Ch.151 November 16, 2023
Ch.150 November 14, 2023

Jungle Juice

Ch.104 November 16, 2023
Ch.103 November 8, 2023

Pick Me Up!

Ch.068 November 16, 2023
Ch.067 November 9, 2023

Perfect Surgeon

Ch.090 November 16, 2023
Ch.089 November 16, 2023

Director Kim

Ch.112 November 16, 2023
Ch.111 November 16, 2023


Ch.132 November 15, 2023
Ch.131 November 8, 2023

Moonlight Howling

Ch.068 November 14, 2023
Ch.067 November 14, 2023

Real Man (Dogado)

Ch.165 November 14, 2023
Ch.164 November 10, 2023

A Trace of the Wonder

Ch.082 November 13, 2023
Ch.080 October 29, 2023